On Contemporary German Literature

Sub-Culture, Underground- & Pop-Literature, Live-Lit., Slam!Poetry and other experimental Issues

This is the script of lecture, held in Aizu, Japan, in 1999.As the title makes clear, the theme of this talk isn `t the so-called “conventional literature”. “Conventional literature” for me means a kind of poetry that happens on the book fair, mainstream literature, bestsellers - all that stuff. Underground, alternative or independent literature - whatever: will then be a kind of literature that you don `t find there. A kind of literature that isn `t published by the big ...>>

LAUT!Dichtung - Poésie sonore - Sound Poetry

1st part: Genesis & Tradition Man`s first moment is a sound. Man`s last moment often is a sound, too. Between both he is plagued by language and the things which are things because of the language. This may visualize the importance of all these sounds that we produce every day, and especially of those that we don`t produce everyday, but only sometimes - these very special speech sounds, that we produce in certain and important moments. These sounds are made by the organism itself, there is ...>>

Performance & Live Art in Cologne.

From the 80s to the 90s towards the 00s.

Thist text was first published in french in ESSE. Art Magazin (Montreal)In Cologne, Western Germany, more than 5000 visual artists are living - this is a result of the gallery boom of the eighties, the big success of the so-called „young wild“ painters (like Walter Dahn, Jiri Dokoupil, Albert Oehlen, Martin Kippenberger and many others) and the still very important Art Cologne Fair. Among such a big number of artists you certainly would find some who are involved in live art, who are...>>

Some (very subjective) notes to begin with:

Performance Art...

When speaking about performance one must first have a look at the prejudices. The usual coverage of this theme, especially on the part of the art press, reports that performance is basically finished; that performance was a phenomenon of the 60´s and 70´s and today can only be regarded as the third rehash, at best. This is often accompanied by those arguments that question the artistic character of performance, both in general and in principle. Such arguments not only hamper contemp...>>

Angie Hiesl and her Performance Installations

This article was first published in ESSE Art Magazine, Montreal/Canada (french translation).Working as an intermedial artist is a state of mind. Because it makes it more difficult for the art world to understand, to categorize, to consume your work. Thus, working this way is always an attitude towards the art world, which has made up strict disciplines and branches in which the single artist can arrive easier.But this is only the surface, because an authentic intermedial method today means ...>>